Government as “Protection Racket”

Rep. Michele Bachmann as with most truth tellers is under fire for describing the Obama administration as "Gangster Government"... I would venture to compare it to a Chicago style “Protection racket”...(IMHO, Al Capone, John Gotti would be green with envy!). Like his Chicago mob forebearers, you (unfavored businesses... GE, GM excepted) don’t do business unless CapoObama gets his “PisaDaAction”!. From ObamaCare to “financial” reform thru strangling regulations to prevent the dreaded “Climate Change”... it is all sold as being for our “protection” against big bad Wall Street and EVEEELL corporations! Thanx Godfather Barak... I feel SO safe and warm... well, at least till you ration my energy (but just maybe... I’d prefer to take my chances with Wall Street).

When Democrats control the Federal government and “blue” states” they are essentially run as a "protection racket" (and have been for awhile IMHO) “fat cats” (and some not so fat) of all varieties must pony up with the campaign and other "contributions". In an effort to avoid harmful regulations and also, in some cases, become qualified to get bailed out (too big to fail ya know) when their malfeasance (financial and otherwise) gets ‘em in trouble. Too give the “devil” his due… the Obama administration has just about perfected this (all that good “Chicago” experience?). BP’s 2010 spill and misdeeds led to a large “shakedown” (note to Rep. Barton and Bachmann: there’s NO GREATER punishment in Washington DC, than for telling the truth!!!). All "Big Oil" were victims caught up in the BP mess (guilt by association)! I am curious to see if ANY but a bare minimum of folks adversely effected by this oil spill disaster really got much help… (unless they display the “Union Label”… IMHO).

As the "Battle of Wisconsin" and those in other public union dominated states are fought, we observe that union bosses have a LONG tradition of looting their pension and health care funds. If Obama get his way they are next in line for HUGE taxpayer bailouts (biyon$$$$). It has been said for decades by most respected economists that you can’t “tax your way to prosperity”… I now know that is not exactly true… if you are among the select powerful in DC, (running the protection) you can… but just for yourself. Now with possible HUGE tax increases on just about every aspect of American life our “protectors” plan to tax us ordinary folk to their GREAT prosperity… (once again refer to “Plantation Nation”. Thanx and good day!

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