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I do not accept the Gay lifestyle as normal, as my Christian faith does not condone homosexuality. But my Savior instructs me to love all, including Gays. He does not instruct me to “reform” them from their error… only to proclaim to all His redeeming love! Changing the heart is His job, not mine. When I waded into the recent controversy, defending Ann Coulter from being dropped by World Net Daily, I caught HELL from many fellow Christians and conservatives! I remember and invoke the great “Renuldus Maximus” on a similar controversy:

Ronald Reagan’s logic was on display in a statement addressing criticism on accepting contributions from Log Cabin Republicans… (paraphrased: “I’m not signing onto their agenda… they are signing on to mine. Lower taxes, less government is good for all, including Gays”). How politically right on IMHO! After we defeat the Socialists/Fascists stranglehold, we can work out our differences! If my house in on fire and someone rushes in to help rescue my family, I am NOT going to question their race, religion or sexual orientation… I’m gonna be grateful for their courage and assistance!

We must understand in an effort to dodge reality of the constant Liberal failure, they and their media allies exploit all possible avenues for division… race, sex, class, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation… anything to take minds off truth! Modern Libs, ”Progressives”, whatever is their name for today are of similar DNA to all despots. Control the “lesser” (slaves?), and keep them fighting with each other so we don’t notice who the real enemy is.

James Lee, the Discovery Channel gunman… railed against the human race, calling us (and I guess himself) parasites on the Earth. This is the all too common and inevitable conclusion of anyone who accepts the “natural” Darwin/evolutionary explanation for life, and rejects that we are “fearfully and wonderfully” (re: Psalm 139:14) made. Ole Devil is cleaver… he encourages suicide in some, homicide in others.

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