Note to Unions and All Liberals: Remember the First Rule of the Parasite.

T'was watching John Stossel's Fox News special "Battle for the Future" last night... about how unions, especially public employee unions and their government toadies are strangling the private sector with crippling taxes to fund huge salaries, benfits and expensive early retirements (the word parasite was used a lot)... it has inspired me to an open letter to our ruling cadre:

Mr. President as you and your fellow travelers currently controlling Congress, as well as many state and cities continue to saddle our future generations with ENORMOUS deficits and debt, with real and proposed tax increases on every aspect of life... please would you (could you?), Obama, Nancy, Harry and BIG Union bosses, take a moment and remember the first survival rule of ANY parasite: “Don’t kill your host!” As our first African-American president... I'll take the liberty to use an African example... the Turkana and neighboring African tribes are known to bleed their cattle, mix the blood with the milk for a large part their protein requirements. They are wise and understand much better than you and our Washington “leaders” that in order to keep doing this, THEY MUST KEEP THEIR CATTLE HEALTHY… and not drain so much blood they kill the beast! Also, unlike you and our current crop of public “servants” they revere and care for their “producers” … instead of heaping contempt upon them! Washington, BIG union, big city Democrat political machines... Please learn this lesson!

It’s said of and by politicians… “if ya rob Peter to pay Paul, you’ll always get Paul’s vote… until Peter runs outta money!” With that joke of a “stimulus” bill and your destructive spending, I think we’re there! (This “Peter” is tapped out!) You and our current crop of (mostly Democrat) politicos in the “puzzle palace” known as Washington D.C. seem to have bought this philosophy wholesale! You and the current D.C. “servants” need to seriously remember that to do your "wealth redistribution" plans, you gotta first have some wealth… and an engine to create future wealth. Otherwise your plan is a one-time event, soon to wither! You must allow “Peter” to keep enough of his/her hard-earned resources that he/she remains motivated to keep working and paying taxes! This sadly seems lost on you and most in Congress and unions!

The sad irony of your stimulus and gigantic spending is… our modern economies run only on confidence! With REAL value money (like tied to gold) long gone, confidence is all we have... Sooooo, when G.W. Bush way back in September 2008, and you now scream "we must pass this (stimulus, budget, healthcare plan, crap'n trade... etc.) or die!" it leads to the opposite of the (alleged) desired result... while supplying $pending it destroys the very confidence the economy needs! The first indicator is usually the world stock markets and employment… IMHO confidence is in short supply!

The sad “reality” is socialist governments (as you desire and I fear we are rapidly becoming) only function when the people are willing to work for the “greater good” which essentially is working for nothing! People have a nasty habit of not wanting to do this… until we can break the “bad” habit of folks working for their own interest (and not yours), socialist experiments are doomed to failure! When you bankrupt us "Peters" ... "Paul" is still gonna want his handout, and may riot in the streets if it's not given (remember Greece)! What are you gonna give "Paul" if you forget that essential first rule of the parasite?! I'll give all you Paul's a hint... tyranny and unlike wealth, it will not in short supply!

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