The Coming Democrat "Lame Duck" Tantrum?!

Those of us old enough remember the late Peter Jennings comments on the GOP victories in 1994, that resulted in control of Congress for the first time in 40 years. Remember he referred to those of us who voted out the ruling Democrats, as having a “tantrum”. Similar to petulant children (how dare we!).

Now to we are in 2010… and we the people again DARED to oppose the Liberals Socialist agenda, this time under President Obama’s direction. If the expected GOP wave overwhelms Congress as predicted … I fear the “Lame Duck” session will be one of the most vindictive legislative orgies ever inflicted upon a free people. “Cap and Tax”, Card check, tax increases 401K theft… God knows how bad it could get! Those who signed a "Pledge" not to do bad lame duck stuff, may soon forget their promise. Us uppity voters who DARED vote them out, will get our punishment! A Democrat congressional tantrum is a real possibility IMHO! The defeated Democrats will have nothing to lose, and may have revenge in their corrupt little hearts. Justa thought.

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