DADT: Do Some Policies Work too Well?

Our lamest of lame duck Congress is considering among other liberty destroying policies the repeal of what’s become known as “don’t ask, don’t tell”, in regards to sexual orientation of military recruits and service people. It was begun during the Clinton administration as a compromise as to the eligibility of homosexual (PC word... gay) recruits. Lotsa self-righteous posturing and grandstanding went on back then and is going on still today for public consumption! Leads one to contemplate what tis all about!

IMHO "Don't ask, don't tell" is a problem for liberals because it’s just too dang successful! DADT to me is a good policy for life. When I need a mechanic, plumber or other service, I have yet to ask their sexual orientation. I ask for references as to them being the best as what they do. If God forbid, I was in a car crash… I would NOT ask or care what the religion, race or sexual orientation of the hero who pulled me from the flaming wreck! I would just be eternally thankful!

The military since DADT has been effective (whenever allowed to be)... gay service folks how ever many, seem to have contributed... which leads to the "problem". In the minds of Lefties, it has NOT produced enough CHAOS and CONFLICT! So they MUST try to make a policy that does! The Left continually agitates and exploits all differences, cultural, class, racial, ethnic and… sexual orientation. The goal always to create and maintain strife among people who normally could get along! Less we become aware who the REAL enemy is! In truth the “tolerant” Left is TOTALLY intolerant of tolerance! They get their power from division, envy, greed and anger! If ya don’t believe me… ask Keith Olbermann or anyone at MSNBC!!

I agree DADT was successful. However the repeal of it is a step in the greater homosexual agenda of fundamentally changing the society and eradicating Christianity as we know it in America.

I like what your doing here and will follow you. If you care to you follow me.
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