Everybody Gets Rich except Those who Produce the Wealth?

College athletics (IMHO) is the ultimate testimony to liberal plantation greed! Like an antebellum southern plantation, lotsa folks make big buck$, EXCEPT the producers/workers (players). Sure they get their tuition and living expenses paid, (so did the slaves) but the coaches, administrators, TV networks, etc... get million$! Now we learn five Ohio State players, heroes of salvaging a bit of Big Ten pride in the Sugar Bowl (31-26 over Arkansas of the nemesis SEC)… are suspended for five 2011 games for doing what the coaches and university bigshots do everyday, with NO problem… selling their stuff and making a bit of money! (as few college players go on to get huge pro contracts). OK... I might suspend them for a coupla plays or make 'em run extra laps... for being stupid enough to think marking their bodies with tattoos is cool, but that's it!

Like most liberal policies, the NCAA’s rules are NOT (and never is) for the benefit of the ones claimed (players)! Is it time for some “reform” (fave liberal word!)… so that student athletes can at least be compensated a bit (like sell their own stuff!) , and still be short of “professional”? Maybe be paid a stipend for the many strenuous hours they must commit (and risk injury) to be a part of a winning team… which makes gazillion$ for old OSU! (and others). As a young student I had a part time job working in the school cafeteria to make a few bucks… nobody accused me of violating any sacred rules! Also most athletes spend so much time in their sports and school (we hope) that there is little time for a part-time job. Many student athletes, come form humble backgrounds and don't enough pocket cash to buy a pizza for their date! But like most liberals, NCAA types are opposed to ANY real solutions that interfere with their sense of superiority and the "bubble" world in which they reside! They would rather sanctimoniously go after schools with "Native American" team names than DO anything truly worthwhile! Go figure?

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