Is the Year 2011 Unconstitutional?

In but the latest chapter of a 20-year "soap opera" with the defenders of all things anti-sacred (ACLU), the federal court (9th U.S. Circus of Appeals, San Francisco) has ruled the long standing Mount Soledad Cross (in San Diego... standing since 1913) is religion thus unconstitutional and must be removed. IMHO this must only be the beginning of our pursuit of NEVER offending the "professionally offended" (you know who you are)!

In our constant effort to not be insensitive, we MUST now seriously consider the banning of the year 2011, and all years before and after! 2011 has a obvious and brazen Christian origin, all of which is very offensive to the “professional offended people” among us (represented by the ACLU). I expect them to soon petition the 9th Circus Court to overturn as unconstitutional the year 2011. Even the recent substitution of BCE/CE for BC/AD is not suffice, as the origins are the same (birth of Jesus Christ - main man of the dreaded and hated "Christians"... enemies of Holy Diversity).

So it must be done! I suggest after overturning 2011, the judges of the 9th Circus, order a committee formed to decide if we should substitute the year 15,000,000,000 ABB (after Big Bang, based on speculation as to the age of our universe) or possibly declare the year 2 ABE (After Barak Elected with all prior years now referred to as BM-Before Messiah... in that He is the true messiah of "progressives" and the professionally offended).

We can no longer tolerate the brazen and insensitive use of the year 2011, or any subsequent or past reference. For as with speech, gun rights, etc (in "progressive" world)… we must control the actions and freedoms of ALL by the actions and standards of the lowest most depraved among us!

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