Surprise (but it's no surprise)... Leftnuts blame Palin/Tea Party but not the madman that pulled the trigger!

Based on the reaction of the LSM (Looney Stream Media)... I can only conclude the shooter, 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner... is more sane than the NutLeft pundits trying to blame Sarah Palin and Tea Party!

This madness and nitwittery is now the norm on the Left! As Conservatives, we on every level cannot allow the insane Left media, etc. to spew their hatred and braindead accusations unchallenged! Get in their faces at every opportunity and call them DAMN LIARS! loud and often!!! You cannot accept their accusations as reasonable! Ask them back "Obama needed an 'Oklahoma City' Katie... Was this an inside job?"

Maybe we should be our own version of "truthers" and start yelling it was an "inside job"... (ala: Bush knew about 9-11). His own media supporters (Mark Penn) have recently lamented Obama needs a "9-11/Oklahoma City", and now (surprise???) he has one. (Was a minor sometime wayward moderate Democrat sacrificed for the greater good of Obama?)

Since truth is the last desire of the "truther", I see no reason why we shouldn't play the "racing to be wrong" game too?

Is "Moider the Yankees" considered "incendiary speech" when spoken by a Red Sox fan? Should Congress move to "control" such violent talk?
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