Close to $7 TRILLION!!!! And still not enough???

Assuming this Government Spending website is accurate, we learn the Feds spend MORE than ALL state and local government COMBINED! A whopping 53% of a the staggering total of damn near $7 Trillion (FY 2011)!!! And yet they demand MORE! (and we wonder why our economy's flat?)... It has become obvious that if government could(they would) confiscate ALL the wealth earned since 1776, (gazllion$) it would STILL NOT be enough for our Federal/State/Local 'masters"... especially the Feds... they would still deficit spend!!! Such is the greed and lust for power in the halls of government! Will the new GOP majorities STOP this madness or be seduced into joining it??? We know the parasite that kills it's host soon dies itself!

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