IS there Hope for Obama in 2012, could his Re-elect Fortunes Change? (and other musings).

In my lifetime (50+ years), the only thing that defeats an incumbent president is high unemployment and crappy economy. And if inflation becomes bad... Obama will have the loser's trifecta, like Jimmah Carter in 1980. No matter their politics Americans REFUSE to be anything but prosperous and free, just far too many want someone other than them to pay for it!

However, there IS Hope (n'Change?) for Obama in 2012... Mitt Romney. If he is the GOP nominee, 4 more years! The GOP 'establishment' seem all RINO. In 2008, John McCain became the nominee with far less that 50% of the base GOP primary vote. This was NOT an accident(IMHO). To allow 'Blue' states with open primaries such weight in the nominating process is madness! (but only if you don't want to win). We now have the Tea Party on one side and the Dems and RINOS on the other, such is our situation.

In other musings… I still have some (dwindling) friends who are dedicated and passionate “progressives” (aka: Socialists)… dwindling because when their buddy (me) reveals my Tea Party sentiments my “tolerant” (soon) former friends recoil at my “ignorance” and “stupidity”. Aren’t all “educated and enlightened” folks Leftist? (if not they should be!)… the incredulity when they learn one of their fellows does not conform to their non-conformity angers and frustrates them no end! They soon prove to me their vocabulary (words like "freedom" "tolerance", etc.) is 180 degrees from mine.

These (so-called) “progressives” in today’s politics have more in common with the old divine right of kings than with Socialists (Hmmm??? maybe there's no difference). They see themselves as a privileged ruling class who must control us “lessers”. If they are able to capture both established parties… they NEVER lose! Mitt Romney is now the alleged front runner for 2012, or so the LSM tells us. Sarah Palin and other real conservatives (like Hermann Cain, Michelle Bachmann for example), we are told they have NO chance. If this is really the case, wouldn't our media pals be pushing them to the top… yet they are constant attack mode, telling us who they really fear!

To close… The duplicity we see in most Leftists (aka: “Progressives”) causes us liberty minded folks to accuse them of hypocrisy... but Leftists are NOT (technically) hypocrites IMHO… they are “ends justifies the means” types. Hypocrisy is just another “tool” in the box… as anything that advances their cause of tyranny is “good”. Truth is an impediment and must be destroyed, before their “success” can be achieved. The strange alliance between the secular Left and Islamists is founded on this mutual love of totalitarianism... so all makes sense in a (REAL) creepy kind of way. Have a good day!

If Romney is Obama's opponent,
Obama will win. I held my nose and voted for McCain in 2008. Will no lo0nger hold my nose for a RINO!
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