Maybe after all it's not what they say that proves their true "love" for us… But what they do???!

With much of the country in a nasty deep freeze (damn global warming… Al Gore warned us ya know!)… there’s this interesting weather and energy related link from Drudge today. Makes me recall what candidate Barak Obama said way back in 2008, "Energy prices will "necessarily skyrocket" under his plans. But maybe the next question we may very well have to deal with: In the future (maybe near future) will energy even be AVAILABLE at any price???

I know this may be difficult for many in the “progressive” community to grasp(gasp!), but in what appears to be opposite of their “known love" and concern for the welfare of us the “little people”… Obama’s EPA is continuing (in spite of climate legislation failing in Congress), to implement its back door "crap'n trade" plan... capping our prosperity and trading it overseas (to China maybe?). Bottom line... maybe it's not what they SAY that proves their true "love" for us… but what they DO???!

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