Open Letter to Governor Scott Walker...

Dear Governor Walker:

Here on the Ides of March, as we recall the death of a tyrant, we have learned from your experiences in Wisconsin (and soon all over), that when Democrats lose elections... “democracy has failed"! In their twisted outlook, they have NO obligation to accept the election results! In bizarre irony... While President Obama hosted a seminar on the "crisis" of bullying , his union affiliated supporters trashed the people's capitol in Madison and threatened GOP legislators. All in protest of your attempts to curtail the public union stranglehold on your state, and balance the budget.

Now there's news (protection racket?) of public unions (including police/firefighters) sending intimidating letters to Wisconsin businesses demanding they oppose your reform efforts ("reform" is only bad when conservatives do it). One of the bloggers on the net has insightfully labeled union actions "Mobocracy".

Sir, these disturbing threats to duly elected officials by "progressive" public unions, are shocking (but sadly not surprising). However opportunity is yours (IMHO), to address this outrage to the people of Wisconsin and the nation. Ask the Police and Firefighters union leaders (as well as the rank and file) this question (forgive my speechwriting):

“All of you took an oath to ‘protect and serve’. But now I regretfully must question your, is that oath contingent on political agreement of those you (allege) to serve? If responding to a fire, will non-supporting businesses/homes burn, while you stand aside? Will criminals be exempt from your arrest, if the victim of the crime is a known political opponent? If you (God forbid) , were to be badly injured or burned in pursuit of your duty, would you understand if the GOP doctor/nurse (using your precedent) refused to treat your wounds? Political opposition taken to thuggery is a sword that cuts both ways and injures all involved"

Governor Walker... I the humble RedNeckoBlogger, submit the above as my tiny suggestion. God Bless you (and all) who pursue fiscal sanity and limited government. We must do our part to inform our citizens this effort is far from over (as long as larceny lives in the heart of humankind, there WILL be "progressives").

Public unions were invented by Democrats for the sole purpose of funneling of gobs of taxpayer cash to their party. As public union leaders, became ever greedier with each “success” (most rank & file exempted, as they are forced to join and pay) they forgot the FIRST RULE of the parasite... “don't kill your host”. Now as their “hosts” wither away in financial hemorrhage, they demand NO LESS BLOOD. Sir, caution them in their rage… for when you kill your host, you die soon after. But the "war" (their description) to rescue states and our nation from the liberal "protection racket" will be ferocious and long! Tis not for the faint of heart.

To close with another bit of "rusty" irony: President Obama, modern so-called Democrat “Progressives”, their union allies and other self-appointed "champions of the downtrodden" are clueless to this reality: THEY are now the reactionaries, WE (Tea Party, and fellow travelers) are the revolutionaries! Viva Revolution!!!

Sincerely, RedNeckoBlogger

“Progressive politics is only progressive in the sense of a disease… like ALS (Lou Gehrig’s)… it progressively strangles, cripples and kills prosperity, motivation, competition and finally liberty.” - (Judge Andrew P. Napolitano of “Freedom Watch” on EVIL Fox News)
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