Obama "Progressives" Succeeding!?!

A few observations...

Unemployment can’t drop below 9% (even with cooked books?)
Gasoline and Diesel in a when-is-it gonna-end upward spiral!
Food and other essentials affected by fuel prices up, up, up!
Pension funds going broke! States and cities going broke!
People in Wisconsin and other union dominated states near riot over any attempt to balance budgets! Government healthcare for all.
Calls for tax increase on every aspect of life!
Real estate in freefall? Government assistance at all-time high!
More and more of the populace becoming disenchanted, defeated, demoralized!
Large number of foreign workers creating enclaves (colonies?) that refuse to assimilate and demand we submit to their law!

“Progressives” and President Obama have always advocated we become more like Europe, Hmmmmm??? Permanent 9-10% unemployment, fuel prices at $4 and higher… more population dependent on government handouts, increasingly depressed people… illegals demanding instant citizenship and government goodies! States like Massachusetts with socialized medicine (thanx Mitt!) with 55+ day doctor waits!

I think we’re there! Welcome to Europe USA!

Hopefully in 2012, the Good Ole USA will return! (Please God!)

The American people are under siege, as in war. Siege strategy is to slowly stave and deprive the "enemy" till they beg to surrender. The Obama administration is slowly strangling the common citizen's (aka: enemy) energy and finances, seeking to ration healthcare, command how we drive, the light bulbs we use and all other services till we literally surrender our liberties for mere subsistance. The TEA party has complicated these efforts somewhat, but Obama and his minions (Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, et al) are redoubling their efforts thru executive orders, EPA nazi style judgements and corrupt judges' rulings. It plain to see our own (foriegn born) president has declared war on the USA. We must inform as many as we can... it won't be easy, it is hard to grasp and you want to believe it!
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