Chicago, D.C. ???

Since we have a Chicago president, I’ll use some Chicago history as an illustration of today’s Washington “gangster class” politicians. Think inside beltway RINO Republicans as Bugs Moran, think inside beltway Democrats as Al Capone… Moran and Capone competed to run the rackets in 1920s Chicago. They hated each other and often were at war (bodies of their “soldiers” often turned up on the streets... the 1929 Valentine massacre the most memorable).

While despising and trying destroy each other in "normal" times, they were both GANGSTERS and would reluctantly unite against the threat of a third party. Eliot Ness (aka: Tea Party)… arrives on the scene and threatens both of their “business”. Jump to now, RINOS and Democrats both now attempt to demonize the Tea Party as the “gangsters” (and a willing media is on board!). However with the ‘net and alternative media it’s not as easy as it once was… but that don’t mean the lies and attempts to panic us ordinary folks will stop.

It appears Obama and many Liberals still don’t seem to understand the new Tea Party (Eliot Ness) factor… as they are lumped in with regular GOPers. While the Tea Party did support the GOP in 2010, they did not support the RINO wing (ask Bob Bennett). Many of the freshman class are not establishment Republicans. But Obama and many Liberals still are trying to fight the last war (demonize the GOP per usual), and appear perplexed (and extremely frustrated) as to why the expected GOP surrender in the debt fight has yet to occur. Speaker Boehner seems to be trying his best to fold but is facing this Tea Party revolt on his right. Thus expect the doomsday scare tactics will be multiplied.

Many Americans are becoming suspicious of the doomsday threat… (we have already passed one in April)… and are (hopefully) becoming wise that default and doomsday will ONLY occur if Obama and the Democrats choose it. Now ALL 53 Senate Democrats have signed a letter to Speaker Boehner that they PREFER “doomsday” to any cuts and lack of tax increases. That action leads me to believe that they are not as afraid of default or doomsday as they are of the Big Lefties (Soros, etc) who appear to own them… (but like in Cold War days they have secret “bunkers” in which to retreat). The fight will be long, hard and dirty… just like for Eliot Ness, we hope and pray that the new Tea Party Congress members can be “Untouchable” in the dirty corrupting caldron of Washington/Chicago D.C. Prayers!

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