Open letter to House GOP: Compromise with Obama/Reid, it's a “Winning” Strategy!?!

Whatever Sen. Harry Reid does in the Senate debt bill... with tax increases whatever, pass it!!! With one important House change...

The balanced budget Constitutional amendment! Also, the tax increases shall NOT take effect before Jan 1, 2013 (to give time for small business to adjust), and the tax hikes and debt ceiling increase SHALL not be implemented at all, until the balanced budget amendment is passed and sent to the states for ratification. This will require some brass’uns on the GOP's part, but it would box the Democrats into a corner, if they reject their own bill with a “tiny” amendment… You can say “they got everything they asked for but not what they really want (more endless BIG government!)”. Then tell the American people “we no know Obama’s and the Democrats' idea of ‘compromise’ is unconditional surrender of the GOP and the American people, to Obama’s socialist desires! Even when it puts our nation and economy at the brink of default and permanent depression!”

Later after the “crisis” has passed… add: “when the GOP wins in 2012, the first act of the new Republican House and Senate will be to reverse any tax increases in the Reid/Obama ‘compromise’ bill retroactively”! You win both ways in my humble opinion! You show Americans it’s Obama and the Democrats who are inflexible and you campaign against the very tax increases forced on you by Obama/Reid and the abject failure of Obama’s socialist vision!

Humbly Submitted,

I have sense repented of this thought... forgive me.

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