Sociopath in Chief?

I am now of the opinion if old folks don't get their Social Security checks or Medicare, if the poor don't get their Medicaid and people are mired in recession, unemployment, underwater mortgages, despair and misery... that our President Obama and the Democrats will be FINE with it... if they think it all can successfully blamed on the GOP! (Expect a full court press from the Blame Stream Media!) The DC liberals prove each day they care little for the welfare and prosperity of the average hard working American! As we follow the budget and debt ceiling drama in Washington, D.C. fear and panic seem to be Obama's only "strategy". Makes me wonder if he believes the world will end in 2012, for his actions and policies look no further in the future than November 6, of next year! From my observations, the actions of our president and his party are beginning to border on the sociopathic! That can't be good!

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