I have become convinced all Liberals/”Progressives”/Leftists are clinically depressed

From observing the OWS protesters, the media and “Progressives” worldwide, and even President Obama … I have become convinced all Liberals, ”Progressives”, and Leftists are clinically depressed. They show signs of depression in blind faith to a vaporous concept known as “Hope and Change” as their only guarantee of making a living. Most “progressives” in the general population have some college, so one might assume they are “educated”… but the more “educated” they are the more depressed and angry they seem. So much for modern “education”... much of which has taught this through a depressing constant curriculum of America’s bad, Capitalism is “unfair”, God is nonexistent, truth is relative and ideological... so you don’t have a chance in this sad Godless world without Nanny government! Damn! I get depressed just thinking about it!

With most modern “education’ dismissing the founding Judeo-Christian concepts of our American experiment… victims of this “education” (OWSers/”progressives”) are as much “bitter-clingers” as those Obama spoke of in his infamous comment about clinging to “God and guns”. They “bitter-cling” to a cloudy nebulous promise of the Nanny state "to care" for them… perpetual spoiled children that they have become!

One of the most telltale signs of depression is an increasing disregard for one’s appearance and personal hygiene… this has become the standard for OWSers nationwide. Their camps are trash heap testaments to this symptom! Depressed people also are fast to deflect responsibility for their circumstances and quick to anger when confronted of their behavior... as they are but helpless blameless victims of the "greedy/selfish right wing" rich! It’s ALWAYS another’s fault... they are blind to their own greed and selfishness... that constant demand to have for their own what another has earned (aka: "Tax the Rich" give it to me)!!! We see this more and more in our president as his failures continue to multiply, but ALL are the fault of the heartless GOP/Tea Party (even when he had large majorities for two years in Congress).

As we approach the 2012 elections, President Obama is more and more accusatory of Congress and the people themselves (accusing us of “being lazy”)… as he descends into increased denial of the abject failure of his and the Democrats socialist fantasy. For the 2012 election expect even more frustration as his and all “progressives” depression will metastasize into anger and rage... lead by the BlameStreamMedia.

There will be NO “Hope’n Change” in his 2012 campaign… it will be full throttle class warfare as well and efforts to create ethnic and racial warfare as well, among Americans of similar class and status (divide and conquer). The Democrats “hope” being enough Americans will “change” to also being depressed/angry and buy into the vitriol and blame game... to reach that elusive 270 electoral votes.

If he succeeds… more and more Americans will join the depressed, passive and defeated population of Obama’s base, and it may be the beginning of the end of American exceptionalism. For socialism can only “succeed” with a hopeless depressed population of losers… who are willing to accept a grim rationed subsistence, from an all-knowing, all-powerful Nanny government... and call it “life”.

How depressing!!!

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