Polls (pick one): young voters support Obama nearly 2 to 1. But are “fruit to be picked”.

I’m confident a significant portion (enough to win) of minorities and young voters can be “fruit to be picked” if the nitwit GOP establishment will at give it a try! The GOP establishment is long been locked in the prison of "conventional wisdom"... (and DAMN sure better break out soon!!!). Many college grads are graduating with mortgage sized student debt, no job prospects and living in mom's basement on dad's insurance. Yet they support Obama 2 to 1????

I suspect much of their support is thin and can be wrestled away. If Romney/GOP can muster half a brain, and will appeal to their obvious sense of unease, grim future prospects... often bordering on helplessness,  I firmly believe a sizable percent can be “turned”. The effort to make "Obama cool" uncool can be done with the right strategy and cleverness (clever is in short supply in the “insider GOP”). Success and prosperity must be LOUDY PROCLAIMED as the ultimate COOL! These young DemWits can be brought to fold, but DAMMIT Mitt/GOP ya gotta at least TRY Mitt!!!

We have seen some cracks in minority support as to Obama’s recent support of “Gay” marriage… the appeal must at least be tried as only a coupla percent flip can doom any change of BHO’s re-election. Romney and the GOP establishment need to quit dissing the Tea Party folks and get on board with their “freedom agenda”. Like has been said many times about generals and admirals… the insider GOP are always prepared to fight the last war/election.

Think this election as like a football game between NY Giants and Podunk … Podunk CAN’T win but the Giants CAN LOSE if they make enough "wrong mistakes" (to quote the great sage and philosopher Yogi Berra).

Get with it Mitt/GOP kick liberal BUTT! It can be done!!!

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