Helping the "Obama Truth Team" with the Truth...

"Obama Truth Team" sounds so North Korean... This is an election about the “issues”… with Mitt Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan as VP; the Republican ticket will advance a return to American Exceptionalism, free market economics, reducing taxes and the strangling regulation on the job producers…

President Obama and Democrats (and most media) will stress the vital “issues” that Romney/Ryan will kill you, your wife, throw granny off the cliff and deny prissy princess Sandra Fluke her birth control pills. Such will be the “issues” of 2012.

President Obama knows there is great unease bordering on fear and depression in the land, and many people are disillusioned with his “leadership”. He and his media “Lewinskys” KNOW his only chance is to make the voters fear Romney more than him. Expect the contents of the Democrat/media sewer to be unleashed with a ferocity not seen before!!!

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