To President Obama, Democrats: SIZE matters!

Admittedly not being the “sharpest knife in the drawer”, I still must conclude President Obama and Democrats really like and prefer BIG!!! (contrary to what they sometimes have to say in speeches)… BIG (DC centric) government, BIG corporations (GE, GM, etc.), BIG centralized healthcare (ObamaCare), BIG union (SEIU/AFL-CIO) and BIG banks, like those on (hated?) Wall Street. What the president and Democrats appear to dislike is small… as in small business, (“you didn’t build that”), small community banks, schools and locally run services). I see history confirming those of “progressive” political tilt prefer central planning and power (aka: BIG!). States and localities are to be supervised from top-down all-knowing DC “ivory tower masters”.

Dodd-Frank was to save us from EVIL greedy BIG Wall Street bankers, but has resulted in placing complicated often strangling regulations, mainly on smaller local community banks. Many may be forced to close and be absorbed by BIG banks (intended?) In all the above our president and his Democrat business allies seem to prefer BIG faceless hyper-bureaucrats to be in charge, and opposed to personal neighborly service of yesteryear (small). So when I hear any liberal/”progressive” offer support for local businesses (“buy local”)… I see a dualism that needs some explanation… I am open to being enlightened.  

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