Obama voters: "Brand" election...the economy didn’t matter?

A coupla observations, to Obama voters: the economy didn’t matter… to them is was a “brand” election Democrat/ethnic/gender.  Critical issues were not part of their mindset IMHO (a mystery to me… almost cult like?).   Also it appears Obama voters don’t much vote down the ballot past president and senator.  This explains GOP strongly holding the House and many state offices.  Obama voters also seem to be much less interested in mid-term elections, explaining 2010.  They vote mostly for the BIG "Gimme" Nanny. 

To close: the GOP must discard their old establishment and Tea Party must get more politically savvy… two very winnable Senate seats were lost to saying dumb stuff (only "Jolton" Joe Biden can get away with that).  The GOP must study the “Texas Model”… Texas is FULL of Hispanics, yet votes solid Republican... study that for 2014 &2016. 

You nailed it on the Tea Party. I too lean conservative-libertarian, and so I'm sympathetic to the movement's concerns. But man alive they've burned down a few winners in key races.

I'm deeply concerned for America; I don't see how she can take much more of this abuse before she's past the point of no return, if she's not already. The public education system is killing us, turning out politically correct, multiculturalist zombies like Ford turned out Model Ts. One or two more generations of this and it's fork time for sure.

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