The Nero-Aristocracy and the use of Narrative vs Truth

Sadly it seems most politicians (especially Democrats in Washington, D.C. and "Blue" states) today are seeking to become a “Nero-Aristocracy”… (yes I meant Nero).  They don’t seek to govern but to rule, to declare themselves our “owners” not our public servants.  Many citizens seek to avoid politics and related debates/discussions... but now see our liberty and prosperity being bled away! Lots of previously uninterested are now forced to get involved (such was the origin of Tea Party groups).  Both parties are in this pursuit of more and more control of our very lives, but the Democrats with media in tow, are far better at it. Using their corporate media allies (yes “progressives” the media are EVIL corporations too), any challenge is fiercely attacked and demonized (like Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Ted Cruz and now even RINO Chris Christie). For our Nero-Aristocracy rulers know that to maintain their quasi-“royalty” status, we common folk must be kept roiled, divided, at odds with each other and most importantly ignorant (oh..."public" education)!  So any and all divisions, be they by ethnic, sex or class shall be exploited to the max… as “narrative” has replaced truth (truth especially God’s Truth is NOT welcome… ask Phil Robertson).

For as mentioned before we now live now not in truth but in the liberal narrative… “war on women”,  “conservatives hate poor people”, “corporate corruption is why we have inequality”, bla,bla,bla! Sadly, with (mega-rich 1%) media/Hollywood in their corner (the masters of narrative and storytelling),  they “head-fake” away from truth and towards the (ends justifies the means) narrative (keep you mad and not thinking).  When liberal narrative collides with truth (especially God’s Truth)… it is Truth that must yield! 

So sad, President Obama entered office with goodwill and promise, even among those of us who did not vote for him (he won 53% in 2008, but his first approval ratings were well over 60%). The tragedy is he/Democrats/(misnamed)"progressives" chose not to LEAD but to PUSH!  To try and herd 300+ million diverse Americans into the same old top-down failed socialist model that (study history) benefits only the political class (aka: Nero-Aristocracy) and the dreaded 1% he/they claim to despise (wink, wink... even now the ‘hated 1%” are doing quite well under Obama... increasing the "income gap"). The promises to the ordinary folks are shattered in the phrases like “If you like it, you can keep it…period”.  Now more and more know such was NEVER the case… starting with the website crash, continued dreadful economy and myriad of other scandals confidence is eroding quickly! 

More and more of us "common folk" feel we are not the beneficiaries of benevolent government, but under siege in our liberty and prosperity (NSA, IRS listens)!  Now President Obama's approval sits around 39%, maybe only the true believers remain?  But as the 2014 mid-terms approach, Obama's corporate 1% allies (media/Hollywood)… will double down on the “narrative”… a policy of “when your lies don’t work,  LIE harder and louder!”…  as Americans we are now far past the point of “fool me twice, shame on me”. God bless!  Happy (remember why we call it) 2014.

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