How much "Gun Violence" will Obama, Hillary and other Liberals be willing to inflict to prevent "Gun Violence" in America.

If a law is passed that outlaws all firearms for the common populace and effectively repeals the 2nd Amendment, how shall it be enforced (root word FORCE).  Will armed police and/or military go house to house searching for the now illegal guns (using guns and even heavier weapons I presume)? This will by default, result in the complete destruction of entire The Constitution, not just the 2nd Amendment! Will “deadly force” be an option against those who may resist?  How many casualties among the enforcers and the resisters will be enough to complete the disarming of the American populace… how much blood and sorrow will it require?

To sum… How much “gun violence” will our “rulers” (for now they will RULE and no longer govern) be willing to inflict on the citizens, how much death, maiming and imprisonment will be required to prevent “gun violence” in our society? Oh the #RustyIrony irony of the "progressive" mind!!!

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