The Real Threats and Blame vs The Liberal Abstract Threats and Blame

WARNING! RedneckoBlogger opines! 

Media and Liberals are in apoplexy at Trump’s speech. This shows they do indeed occupy an alternate universe from real working folks… Trump’s strongest base!  Liberals always sell fear of the ABSTRACT, while NEVER recognizing and often denying the fear of the REAL. If you fear the real threat of an ISIS nut yelling “Allahu Akbar” while shooting down gays or driving a truck through a crowd, you’re a “bigot”!  If you fear an attack by an illegal immigrant felon on his 10th return from deportation, you’re a “hater”.  BUT… If you fear the abstract nonsense that Donald Trump will put you in a concentration camp or we're going back to lynching, child labor, back alley abortions and segregation… then you’re a Liberal!!!  Hysteria at things long promised but yet to happen (no ice at the poles… rising sea levels drowning cities, etc) is their constant tired worn out old creed. Creative ideas to actually help the middle class are dismissed as “unworkable” and denial of real threats have become their insanity norm. It has been observed "Progress is NOT possible with 'progressives' in charge!!!

Trump mentioned longtime Democrat machine run heavy “gun control” inner cities in his speech.  That they are poverty and gang ridden free fire zones, that liberals seem to care little about (other than the votes)!   Liberals also BLAME only in the abstract (“it was a video”, “it was the gun”)… NEVER the perpetrator! (He/she/it might be a Democrat voter!)… so it’s always the gun to blame (abstract) never the finger that pulls the trigger (real)!

This abstract mindset allows rich liberals to fly around the world in luxury private jets that burn more fuel in an hour that your SUV in a year… all the while complaining about “fossil fuels” and attending “Global Warming” summits at expensive and exclusive resorts!  I must ask… why should I fear this “Climate Change” if they, by their actions, clearly do not?  

Trump says he represents the “forgotten”… those of us our liberal “betters” want to dismiss as “bigots” and forget! But the reality of the liberal insular Pollyanna world is broken daily by REAL dangers and events! Yet their scab of denial of the REAL in favor of the ABSTRACT only becomes thicker with each of these grim realities!
P.S. Interesting article on Trump's speech...

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