If our political/media class doesn’t care about all the world crises… should we?

"They're ALL talk and no action" - Donald J. Trump.

"They're ALL talk and no action" - Donald J. Trump.
I sadly now think know the truth and reality… the "swamp" that is now Washington. D.C. (and most western "leaders") really don’t give a DAMN about terrorism, illegal immigration, open borders, healthcare reform, national sovereignty, the debt, Iran nuclear deal, North Korea missiles, the deficit, jobs, student loans, Wall Street "bubbles", invasion by a hostile culture, or any other real issue affecting we "peasants" in flyover country. The big "crisis" is that their plans to coronate Hillary Clinton and keep the good life tax-payer "gravy train" flowing was derailed when they believed their polls (90% Hillary wins) got careless, forgot and allowed ordinary citizens to vote.

So now it’s "Russia, Russia, Russia" wall-to-wall 24/7 (evidence be damned!) as they desperately seek to "correct" the YUGE "mistake" of last November 8th. President Trump an odd choice for sure... but he prevailed, scares them much more with his truth (MAGA) than his "lies" and by the reaction of the "Swamp" reptiles (media, DemWits and Reprobates, most world billionaires, Hollywood and "the beautiful people")... President Trump’s the "crisis" NOT ANY of the troubles mentioned above!

In the unfortunate event they succeed in his ouster... they are now exposed for what they are... concerned only with their personal empires and "issues" like "Gay marriage", abortion always, transgender bathrooms and boys playing girls sports, destroying Confederate monuments, and "not rushing to judgement" on the latest Jihadi massacre… we "peasants" can "eat cake" I guess.

They (Dems, GOP, media) seem totally unconcerned, less it puts their seat (which Trump does) at risk... then they offer (BeeEss) talking points and little else.

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