"Progressive" Philosophy: When Your Lies Don't Work... LIE HARDER!!!

Since Barak “Messiah” Obama was unfortunately elected U.S. president, we have been promised that jobs will be saved and created, healthcare will be affordable to all, “evil” Wall Street fat cats will be disciplined, racial tensions will be no more, the oceans will recede, polar bears will cavort in happiness, cheap “green” energy will abound… basically Heaven on Earth will be realized. Like it has been said by me and others… the PROMISE IS BOLD AND EASY TO READ, but if ya want the reality you better carefully study the fine print... (hint: it was all LIES)!

Today more than ever, many feel our U.S. federal government, many state and local governments are at odds, and possibly even “at war” with the average citizen! We see more government by executive fiat… creating ever more strangling regulation by a growing cadre of hyper-bureaucrats, that inevitably destroy motivation, innovation, and real jobs! “Blue” government (federal, state and local) has morphed a real hostility to us, the average folks! In spite of the anti-big business rhetoric, the Obama administration and liberal Democrats are (IMHO) as “corporately owned” as any administration in history… HUGE tax-payer bailouts for cooperating Wall Street firms, large companies like GE, GM, Chrysler and “too big to fail” banks… (yet the GOP is the party of the “fat cats” per the so-called big media). Nothing is further from the truth!!! As alternative media grows and challenges the former monopoly of the legacy media, we are seeing plans to censor the first amendment (like the Orwellian named “Net Neutrality”).

We the average Americans are becoming more and more aware that any form of government labeled as “progressive” is nothing but a Chicago style mob "protection racket" (you don't do business unless gangsta government gets their "piece of the action")! After a stinging rebuke from the voters, the lame duck Libs/”progressives” pretty much gave us in middle America the middle finger! The feckless (pre Tea Party) GOP offered only token resistance to these lame duck outrages! So now we now see the (Obama regime) attempt disturbing efforts to oppress through administrative regulation and executive orders… all to continue the growth of Obama’s and Democrat’s Chicago-style gangster protection racket government (the people be damned!).

Any “progressive crisis” be it deficit , oil spills, “global warming” to and including whatever… ALWAYS has the exact same “solution”... we the people MUST surrender our liberty and prosperity to some centralized top-down global cabal of the aforementioned “czar” hyper-bureaucrats… who to "save" us must tax us to poverty, then control and ration every aspect of our soon to be miserable lives??? It’s far past time to just say NO… make that HELL NO!!!

Since you are on to the "gangsta government" stylings of Pres. Obama, Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi, I thought you might enjoy this "gangsta rap" music video, "Gangsta Government." Warning: it's a tad "blue."
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