Last Gasp of Dying Socialism... Brazen Larceny!

Our "progressives" pals in Europe new plan to stave financial ruin is to steal! Soon to come to USA? As European governments have now decided all your hard-earned pensions aren't yours! The fiscal policy of our modern "progressives" (aka: Socialists/Fascists) can be compared to a "diet" by where gangsta "protection racket" government takes food out of your mouth to give it to the morbidly obese 1,000 pound man! All must "sacrifice" except government and their cadre of "professional voters" (unions and other dependent types!)... as was said before, they are violating the first rule of the parasite: Don't kill you host! Newsflash: After you kill your host you DIE too! All this is not new even in this country... Social Security was raided by LBJ to pay for his "Great Society" which was only great is its' failure! Subsequent D.C. pols in both parties have also used SS as cash cow, the where the cow is now dry and maybe even dead!

Note: Seizing private pensions was proposed by Jesse Jackson and other so-called "progressives" back in the Clinton days. Another note: "Progressives" is ALWAYS in quotes due to the fact there is NEVER any progress when they're in charge... Communism failed, so they became Socialists, Socialism failed, so the became "Liberals"... Liberalism failed, so they morphed into Progressives... Progressivism failed so what's next?

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