The Battle of Wisconsin... or Richard Trumka is a SCARY guy!

One of the most onerous bits of Leftist/LSM propaganda is that the Wisconsin (and other state’s) battles with public unions is about “worker’s rights” (straw-man!). Public unions are inventions of the Democrat Party, who having long advocated public funding for elections... in effect have it (for decades… but just for them). The sad reality: they have bought (with public money of all Americans) not rights but PRIVLEDGE similar to a quasi-royalty (something the Founders NEVER envisioned)! The Democrat Party of our parents is but a faded memory as big city/state Democrat machines morphed into “banana” republics! There is little input from the “downtrodden” they claim to champion (the people cast ballots, but are the "votes" already counted?). Many times we have observed, when a “protected” class citizen attempts “escape” (Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Allen West, Herman Cain, etc.) they are ruthlessly attacked by the “enforcer overseers”… such as the Reverends(NOT!) AL/Jesse as “Uncle Toms” and “not really Black”. To attempt escape from the 21st Century Democrat “Plantation” is only slightly less dangerous than their ancestors attempts of Ante-Bellum days. Could we maybe we need a 21st Century Underground Railroad?

The oft forced union “workers” are played for chumps, and are only revered for their union dues (many are forced and do not support the “public union label”). Much of our citizenry are victims of the NEA and other “education” union’s decades of indoctrination in the classroom (many excellent teachers are frustrated and quit). And Johnny/Jane still reads lousy, and can't speull so good.

The BIG battle of Wisconsin, etc... IMHO, is the state going to continue to collect union dues as payroll deduction or force the unions to do it themselves? Thus the UPROAR! If victorious, Scott Walker and other GOP governors will have won a political victory of a magnitude yet to be measured… the possible de-funding of a corrupt and gangster Democrat party. Now with like wounded cornered animals, the fight will be vicious, and long! I have a measure of sympathy for the Democrat run-away legislators. I bet they WERE TOLD to leave and would be in physical danger (Richard Trumka is a SCARY guy!) if they dare return without the “blessing” of their union masters. The next half-century could be at stake in this battle! HIGH STAKES! This is a MUST win fight for BOTH sides!

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