Global Warming: NO It Ain’t Religion… it’s PONZI!

To prove I "care" and in the spirit of being “green” and of recycling, I shall re-use some points from earlier posts (click numbers), as they cannot (IMHO) be overstated!

I hafta admit ‘twas fun watching REAL scientist and meteorologist Joe Bastardi undress with the facts phony “science guy” (plays one on TV) Bill Nye last night (2/22/10) on Fox's O’Reilly! Nye’s “don’t confuse me with the facts” bleetings were pathetic! By the end of the segment "science guy" Nye was reduced to filibuster! He demonstrated for all to see, why "Global Warming/Climate Change” (GW/CC) appears to have morphed into a “religion”.

OK, Maybe for Nye and many brain-challenged "rent-a-mob" nitwits is has, but NOT for the leaders (aka: perps!). For GW/CC poster child Al Gore and his gang supported by their media/academia allies, it was to be their own personal ultra-cynical Ponzi scam... possibly the biggest one EVER attempted (1)! Gore and all, thought it was carefully crafted BUT... now all the "science" is unraveling at a dizzying pace! So now its’ proponents are following the Joseph Goebbels formula “when your lies don’t work LIE HARDER, LIE BIGGER”!!! So (IMHO) it's NOT a religion, but it sure PLAYS ONE ON TV! Its’ leadership (perps) have for years spread the panic of rising oceans, dead polar bears and melting glaciers with the ONLY “solution” being surrender our prosperity and liberty to a tyrannical international uber-bureaucracy resembling the "Star Chamber" (2). They were all gonna get mega-rich and powerful!!! Us folks who I call the "lessers" were to live a strictly enforced rationed subsistence, devoid of prosperity or liberty... but "Mother Earth" would be saved!!!!!

The perps... our modern ”Progressives” (aka: Socialist, Fascist, Commie) are anything but progressive, ('cause tyranny is NOT progress)! They skillfully and constantly use the seduction of envy and alleged “wealth re-distribution” along with a generous portion of “Leftie approved greed” (like taking from the EVIL rich and giving to you... except only a trickle ever gets to you??!!). What puzzles me is almost all of the so-called “progressive” leadership from Hollyweird to overpaid professors are among the richest among us… so I must conclude there’s “approved” rich… Hollywierd and media types who hang out with Castro and Chavez (this includes Al Gore, Shawn Penn, Tim and Susan, Katie and most MSM media types). This puts most successful Americans into the “unapproved” rich category… those who work their butts off and actually produce stuff! They are constantly vilified (though most our wealth is but a fraction of theirs… go figure???), and selected for punishment. Like ole Serpent in the Garden… “Progressives” make promises that they NEVER intend to keep… a seduction (emotion over logic) with similar results. The modern “Progressive” has FAR more in common with Al Capone and John Gotti than Marx or Lenin… they are no more than gangsters with government as enforcer! While railing against “greed” (3) they are the worst of the greedy… not only do they want MORE (more power, taxes, regulation) they want YOU to have LESS (rationed energy, healthcare, liberty)… the modern welfare/socialist state is not much different than an antebellum slave plantation (4). Sadly they already have much of the population "enslaved" (5). President Obama in his SOTU speech essentially told America: "I know what’s best for you! So sit yer sorryazz down shut-up, gimme yer wallet and buzz off!" ...and, of course (insert here:) "It’s all Bush’s fault" (6).

But a fly is in the ointment. Most Americans are just NOT that damn stupid… while many initially bought the media driven Obama myth, enough to get him elected… (although with John McCain there wasn’t much real choice) it appears to have dissipated! Have we a great Obama and liberal miscalculation? Americans no matter their political bent, REFUSE to be anything but prosperous and will not accept anything but liberty. It didn’t take long for all but the most cultic Obama voters to figure out what was promised (7) was not gonna be delivered!.

With the recent election reversals in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, one might hope President Obama and the Congressional leadership would have a “Clinton” moment and move toward the center… but this does not appear to be the case (not even a head fake?!)… he is busy in yet another attempt at seduction, through a “bipartisan” ruse in yet another effort to push his agenda of tyranny! DON’T BUY IT (I now don’t think you will)! Much of this may wear the veneer of "religion" but it is NOT! Be it “Global Climate Change”, “Crap’n Trade” or “Healthcare Reform” the Obama “progressive” agenda is no more than Bernie Madoff on super steroids!!! We at the bottom of this humongous pyramid will LOSE BIG!

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